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No doubt Paris Jackson loves and misses her King of Pop papa, but did she really want to tell the world how she felt at Tuesday’s memorial service?

A source tells me that the 11-year-old Paris was seen—and heard—backstage at the Staples Center telling family members that she did not want to make such a public statement.

“She was crying and screaming that she didn’t want to do it,” says a source. “But the family was telling her she had to.”

A rep for the family did not immediately comment.

Would a not-so-impromptu family-planned speech by Paris be that surprising? No way. This is the Jackson family. They are masters at making headlines. Michael lived big, so why would his memorial service be any different?

The big message at the memorial? Michael was just like us—a human being who laughed, cried and loved his children unconditionally. What better way to drive that point home than by ending the more than two-hour service with his daughter?

Michael couldn’t have planned it better himself.



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