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It was radio interview day for Taylor Swift, who was making rounds promoting her single “You Belong With Me” reaching No. 1, being on People‘s list of Best Dressed Celebrities or her album going platinum.

The happy-times list goes on like so. In fact, the only thing she wasn’t promoting was the Interrupting Kanye Incident.

During her interview with the MJ Morning Show on Tampa Bay’s 93.3 (audio is here), T.Swift made her desire not to talk about Kanye very clear. The first time MJ asked her to describe what happened that fateful VMA night, Taylor explained:

“I’m just honestly trying not to make it into a bigger deal than it already is. It’s kind of become more of a big deal than I ever thought it would be. I just, you know, it happened on TV, so everybody saw what happened. I just would like to move on maybe a little bit.”

There must have been too many “maybe”s in that wish, because MJ pressed on. “Do you think it was a scripted thing?” he asked.

“Well…you know, I um…I didn’t know what to think, but I think that we should maybe talk about something else, because, um, I’ve talked about this in one interview, and that was going to be it. It’s not something I feel like we need to keep talking about.”

Still not quite getting it, MJ lectured her about how this is good for her career and then asked is she felt Kanye’s apology was sincere.

“[Long awkward silence]…I really would appreciate it if we could talk about something else, because I’ve asked you three times now, and I’m trying to be nice about it. It just isn’t something we need to spend this whole interview talking about.”

More bullying ensued as MJ said things like, “Taylor, let me give you a couple of tips.” As he launched into his final VMA question, the country superstar swiftly walked away from the phone and allowed her publicist to interrupt.

A little fight ensued, and MJ revealed his last question: “Do you think Kanye West has a mental problem?” As if that’s a legitimate question that Taylor is actually going to answer.

Moral of the story: No one messes with T.Swift. Not Kanye West and not some rude morning-show host. We have a feeling her next album is going to be less about cheesy high school fairy tale love stories and more about empowerment.



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