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Jessica Simpson‘s apparently run out of hope.

She has called off the dog hunters from Find Toto who had been searching for her missing 5-year-old maltipoo, Daisy, after the canine was snatched by a coyote earlier this week outside her Los Angeles-area home.

“They concluded the search and are not continuing it at this time. There are no leads,” Find Toto spokeswoman Colleen Busch tells E! News. “They wanted to feel they gave it their best efforts. They felt chances were slim from the beginning. Apparently [coyotes] are quite an issue in that area.”

Even after canvassing the neighborhood and bringing in tracking dogs, there was still no sign of Daisy.

“They were upset and hoping to find at least the remains to try and get some closure by this weekend,” Busch adds. “We offered to continue the search for her but they weren’t going ahead with anything.”

Rest in peace, little poochie.



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